Startups & Disruptors

8th May 2020

The Current and Future State of Electric Vehicles Globally

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview,, features Aakash Arora.  Mr Arora is managing director and partner of Boston Consulting Group’s Boston office and is a core member of...


28th April 2020

Impact of the Pandemic on International Autotech M&A

Sponsored Content’s latest Audio Interview features Miro Parizek.  Mr. Parizek is Principal Partner at Hampleton Partners, a tech M&A advisory firm with offices in London, Frankfurt, Stockholm...


21st April 2020

Global Aftermarket and OEM Data: How Regions Are Dealing with It

Sponsored Content’s latest Audio Interview “Global Aftermarket and OEM Data: How Regions Are Dealing with It” features Gerard van de Meent, CEO and Founder of WIZZCAR, a...


20th April 2020

Solar BEV Claiming 700-Mile Range

An EV start-up is claiming a 700-mile range from its first solar-assisted electric SUV, the Triton Model H. Launched globally online, the car is the fruit of 18 months...


8th April 2020

Automotive OEM Plants Update: Dates for Plant Openings, Closings Worldwide’s latest audio interview, “Automotive OEM Plants Update: Dates for Plant Openings, Closings Worldwide” features Thomas Kowal. He is vice-president of business development of Seraph, a US management...


25th July 2018

Volta Grabs $32M to Develop Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Californian startup Volta is planning a major expansion of its ad-supported, electric vehicle charging stations. The company now has additional $32 million to make it happen.


13th July 2018

The Disrupters: Some LiDARs could cause blindness, warns Aeye

Aeye’s Luis Dussan makes the case against 900-nanometre LiDAR to Louis Bedigian. For all the talk of road safety, you don’t hear many people discuss eye safety when it comes to...

10th July 2018

The Disrupters: Navdy on the real power of AR

Doug Simpson envisions a world where technology augments a driver’s reality, hears Louis Bedigian. Augmented reality (AR) is still largely a prototype-level technology with the promise of game-changing features...


6th July 2018

The Disrupters: smart tech can end distraction crashes says German Autolabs

AI will help banish distracted driving, Holger Weiss tells Louis Bedigian. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of automotive accidents. In 2015 nearly 3,500 Americans were killed...


6th July 2018

City Hall in a flap over scooters

Electric drop-and-go scooters bringing solutions and challenges to final-mile urban mobility, Robert Gray discovers. The Birds are invading but it’s not a modern twist on Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film...


16th June 2018

Broad business models most likely to triumph in mobility

How to bet on the mobility winners of the future, explored by Graham Jarvis. The automotive start-up scene, symbolised by Silicon Valley, is booming. Yet there is much talk...