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17th January 2022

Industry Voices: What can Blockchain do for the Automotive Industry?

Opinion piece by Jonas Lundqvist, CEO at Haidrun. Ask people about blockchain and most will associate it with Bitcoin, crypto currencies and data mining. Of course, they are not...


14th January 2022

Ushering in the AI-Powered Co-Pilot of the Future: The Next Generation of In-Car Assistants

By Stefan Ortmanns, CEO As cars grow increasingly connected and autonomous, intuitive in-car experiences have never been more important. Amidst all the mounting change in our industry, we are...


11th January 2022

Mexico’s Customs Challenges: The IMMEX Program’s latest audio interview features America Pineda. Ms. Pineda is Global Trade Compliance Manager at Intermex Industrial Parks. She has 18 years of experience in customs compliance, and...


14th December 2021

India’s Export Trade Controls: Automotive Sector

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Krishna Barad.  Mr. Barad is Partner with the Indirect Tax practice of BDO India, with a special focus on Customs & International...


7th December 2021

The UK Automotive Industry & Supply Chain: Post-Brexit

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Oliver Bridge.  Mr. Bridge leads Grant Thornton’s global automotive team, and is Head of Operational Consulting, Business Consulting, Grant Thornton UK. ...


23rd November 2021

SPACs: For Auto Suppliers and Companies to Go Public in the US

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Jeff Franklin. Jeff is currently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Los Angeles-based ATI. His current consulting practice focuses, not only,...


16th November 2021

US-EU Steel and Aluminum Tariff Deal: Impact on the Automotive Industry

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Leslie Alan Glick.  Mr. Glick is co-chair of the Butzel Long International Trade and Customs Specialty team. He is a specialist in...


12th November 2021

Industry Voices: Computer Vision Building Trust with AVs

Opinion piece by Eliron Ekstein, CEO and co-founder of Ravin. In a recent pilot project, cameras, along with computer vision and artificial intelligence, at an Avis rental car station...


11th November 2021

Industry Voices: Next-Generation Mobility Needs Game-Changing Sensors

Opinion piece by Max Liberman, Uhnder’s vice-president of chips for AV radar. One of the benefits of living in today’s world of ultra-fast-moving technological advancements is that we get to see our...


10th November 2021

Industry Voices: 5G, Storage and the Era of Connected Cars

Opinion piece by Russ Ruben, Global Automotive Segment Marketing Director, Western Digital We tend to understand 5G’s next generation connectivity as it relates to our phones and tablets and...


9th November 2021

Current Status of US Import Supply Chain and Recommended Actions

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Lauren Pittelli. Ms. Pittelli is the founder and Principal of Baker Logistics Consulting. Prior to starting Baker, Lauren held national and regional...


9th November 2021

Industry Voices: Autonomous Cars? Not Unless They’re Connected

Opinion piece by Filip Klippel, automotive manager at HERE Technologies. Autonomous vehicles and their reality have long been discussed. A few years ago, it was predicted that we would...