6th December 2018

Digital Customer Experience Now Key For Automakers

Shopping for a new car used to be a labor of love, or a trip through hell. Some customers enjoyed the trips to multiple showrooms to stroke the flanks...

By Susan Kuchinskas


8th November 2018

Carmakers Must Stack Cyber-Security in Their Favor, Says Karamba

Cyber threats are one of the biggest dangers of connected and self-driving vehicles. The now-infamous Jeep hack revealed vulnerabilities that most, not even Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), knew existed....

By Louis Bedigian


7th November 2018

Fisker Hoping For Solid-State BEV in 2021

There are several concerns about battery electric vehicles (BEVs) at the moment not least that the standard lithium ion technology is anything but eco-friendly. While these batteries rack up...


5th November 2018

Ups and Downs of Gamers in Driverless Tech

Not long ago, some assumed graphics card maker Nvidia was set to be the dominant provider of autonomous vehicle platforms. Recent developments have thrown shade on that optimism, although...

By Eric Volkman


30th October 2018

Shove Over Sonny, Robots Will Take Over Taxis First

Autonomous vehicles are expected to create a world in which pedals and steering wheels – and most significantly drivers – are a thing of the past. While this may...

By Louis Bedigian


26th October 2018

Carmakers Remain Agile in an Uncertain Technological World, Says Citroën

Carmakers are hemmed into a technological cul-de-sac not totally convinced of what the future consumer will be buying. However, for that present consumer, the upside is that there is...


25th October 2018

The Disrupters: WaiveCar Ruffles Auto Feathers With Free Rides

A mobility start-up in Santa Monica, California is bringing the ad-supported digital economy to life in the car sharing business, writes Robert Gray. WaiveCar, which claims to be the...

By Robert Gray


23rd October 2018

How Cloud Can Give Data Transfer the Edge

The transfer of data is vital to make real-time decisions in connected and autonomous vehicles. To achieve this prerequisite there is also a need to identify the best way...

By Graham Jarvis


10th October 2018

Tested: Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC Today’s True ‘Green’ Choice

One of the joys of a solitary long-distance drive is the time it gives us to mull things over while performing the constant assessments of road conditions, vehicle approach...


29th August 2018

Hybrid Connectivity the Way forward for Driverless Cars, Says Ericsson

Connectivity is necessary but not a precondition for autonomous driving, Ericsson’s Juergen Daunis tells Louis Bedigian. The questions surrounding connectivity continue to linger as the auto industry tries to...


12th July 2018

Connected & Autonomous Cars Blog Four: Mapping & Harvesting the Benefits of Industry Intersections

The blessing and the burden of being an analyst who covers the IoT and telecoms technology are that the breadth of industries impacted is huge, and the pace of...


12th July 2018

Connected & Autonomous Cars Blog Three: Communications Fabric

In this third blog we will link the concepts and impacts, highlighted in the two previous blogs,to the communications fabric that has enabled the connected car of today. From...