30th November 2018

Instructor: UK AV Operator Training Legislation Needed

An autonomous vehicle operator training provider says UK government legislation and/or clearer guidance on the qualifications and experience required for the job is needed. In an exclusive and wide-ranging...


9th November 2018

DAV Foundation’s Frazer: Open-Source AVs Could “Comfort” Regulators

Greg Hyde talks to DAV Foundation co-founder and chief communications officer John Frazer about the security implications of his start-up’s open-source network for autonomous vehicles. AV development can at...


5th November 2018

MIT’s Reimer: Level 5 AVs “Centuries” Off Purchasability

Greg Hyde talks to respected autonomous vehicle expert Bryan Reimer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In an exclusive TU-Automotive interview, Dr Reimer, a research scientist at MIT’s AgeLab and...


1st November 2018

Ageas’ Marlow: AVs Would Decrease Vehicle Ownership

Greg Hyde talks to Tim Marlow of insurance giant Ageas about development of autonomous vehicles and insurance of their occupants. While AVs are currently a work-in-progress for most of...


25th October 2018

HARMAN’s Till: 5G is “Game-Changer” for CVs

Greg Hyde talks to HARMAN vice-president of marketing and technology Andrew Till about opportunities and threats within the connected vehicle sector. There has been much discussion within the last...


11th October 2018

AV Legislation “Halted” By 2017 Election, Says GLA Transport Chair

Greg Hyde talks to Greater London Assembly (GLA) Transport Committee chairperson Caroline Pidgeon about automotive issues in the capital. With so many interested parties throwing their hats into the...


10th October 2018

London’s Lack of EV Infrastructure Slammed

A representative of London cab drivers has slammed the complete lack of electric vehicle charging points in a substantial portion of the inner city. At an often lively and...


5th October 2018

Motorists Could Soon Need to Fuel-up With Data

Data volumes are ever increasing and at an unprecedented rate. Connected and autonomous vehicles will further add to the amount of data that’s currently out there. It’s hard to...

By Graham Jarvis


3rd October 2018

Quality Data Drives Moves Against Motor Insurance Fraud

Metromile, the pay-per-mile auto insurer, had a problem: when customers had claims, their satisfaction plummeted. Looking into it, execs realized that, while 70% to 80% of claims were easily...


1st October 2018

Hybrids at Heart of Toyota’s Powertrain Future

Hybrid vehicles have a long way to go as a pivotal part of Toyota’s long term powertrain strategy. That’s the opinion of Sophie Ogunbiyi, manager external affairs Toyota Europe,...


28th September 2018

Robot Racing Unlikely to Win F1 Fans, Says McLaren

Motorsports such as Formula One and NASCAR thrill onlookers with their mix of speed and danger. Much of the drama of these contests comes from the human element; fans...

By Eric Volkman


24th September 2018

Premium EVs Can Steer the Market, Says Williams

There has been a rash of car launches from premium automakers in the past few months that play on their credentials as innovative battery electric vehicles (BEVs). While these...