Data & Analytics

12th March 2021

Smart Parking Leads the way in Infrastructure Management

Smart traffic management solutions powered by V2X communications and artificial intelligence have the potential to significantly reduce congestion and emissions. However, successful implementation will require coordination between cities, automakers...


10th March 2021

Opening AV Tech Doors with Open-Source Software

Open source software solutions are already being deployed globally by automakers investing in autonomous vehicle technologies. The potential for open source software applications in everything from simulation and testing...


5th March 2021

EVs First to Reap Benefits of the Software Defined Vehicle

The software defined vehicle is here and proving most of its benefits in the BEV space. That’s the opinion of automotive software specialist Altia’s CEO Mike Juran. Speaking to...


4th March 2021

Pandemic Proves a Good Gig for Carsharing

The carsharing business may exit the COVID-19 pandemic in a stronger market position than it was in before the virus shut down the global economy last year. Rental car...

By Robert Gray


25th February 2021

Carshare App Developers under Pressure from Russian Prosecutors

Usage-based insurance (UBI) helped Russian carsharing providers to escape embarrassing issues early in the game. However, insuring the fleets remains a risky business. It is a matter of record...

By Roma Nazarov


23rd February 2021

Digital Transformation Creates Platform to Deliver Sustainable Mobility

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing tectonic plates to slide in the automotive industry, and in indeed in many others. However, it’s not the only factor that is causing a...

By Graham Jarvis


19th February 2021

Artificial Cities Could Pave the way to Driverless Adoption

Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) have a future. That is without doubt but there is still a need to ensure that they will be safe on our highways and...

By Graham Jarvis


18th February 2021

Emerging Economies Lead the way in Telematics

Evolution played a joke on telematics by making it a perfect solution for imperfect worlds, the Global Fleet Barometer 2020 by leasing specialist Arval has revealed. The survey conducted...


16th February 2021

Consumer Trust Key to In-Car Payments

Consumer adoption of in-vehicle payments (IVP) is accelerating as vehicle owners grow comfortable with contactless payment systems and automakers develop “unlockable” digital upgrades to vehicle systems. Meanwhile, the ecosystem...


11th February 2021

5G Claiming Success in CAV Testing

Vodafone has joined Midlands Future Mobility in the UK, giving a boost to the country’s real-world connect and autonomous mobility (CAM) testbed. As telecoms website explains: “In all,...

By Graham Jarvis


10th February 2021

Robots Need Human Driver Data to Succeed, Says Wipro

Everyday driver data is the best way to advance autonomous driving technology rather than persisting with sterile robot driving on-road testing. That’s the view of  Thomas Mueller, CTO engineering...


8th February 2021

Enterprise Machine Learning Guide

Transform your enterprise with machine learning. Enterprises feel the pressing need to embrace machine learning, but may face challenges unique to their organizations and industries. Successful adoption requires the...