Data & Analytics

6th November 2020

Data Changing the Automakers’ Game

Big data generated by connected vehicles offer big opportunities. However, industry executives say there is still much work to be done before the 1’s and 0’s are transformed into...

By Robert Gray


3rd November 2020

Barriers Facing the Builders of the Smart City

A series of challenges remain for the key technologies to an autonomous future, among them fast moving technological developments and lack of consumer understanding. Architecturally speaking, there should be...


30th October 2020

Only Honesty can Make the AV Testing Map Work

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the US has launched its AV Test Initiative web pilot program. This project allows states and companies to voluntarily submit information...


26th October 2020

Russian Giants Square Up in Fight for AV Revenues

Russia’s largest financial holding announced a spin-out of its automotive project SberDigitalAuto and created subsidiary Sber Automotive Technologies (SberAutoTech) on September 4, 2020, the same day as Yandex made...

By Roma Nazarov


22nd October 2020

Lessons Drawn from Mercedes-Benz CAV Software Bug Issues

In 2019, Mercedes-Benz revealed that it had patched security issues found in its vehicles. A report reveals that Sky-Go’s researchers had found 19 vulnerabilities in a Mercedes E-Class car. The...

By Graham Jarvis


20th October 2020

Russia to Permit Robo-Taxis by 2024

In April, 2020, the big four national AV developers Gaz and Kamaz, Sberbank and Yandex, proposed to the government a draft plan of preparation of legal and technical frameworks...

By Roma Nazarov


16th October 2020

Reasons Why Connected AVs will be Software-Defined

Microchip maker Nvidia and car manufacturer Mercedes are planning to roll out software-defined autonomous vehicles by 2024. They claim that the vehicles will be able to receive over-the-air (OTA)...

By Graham Jarvis


14th October 2020

Saving MaaS Post Pandemic

Disgust. It’s an instinct embedded in our genes since the Paleolithic Age, designed to keep us healthy by making us instinctively avoid contagion. In the age of this pandemic,...

By Susan Kuchinskas


8th October 2020

Jury Still Out on Automaker Data Deals

Automakers worldwide are beginning to understand the data they collect from car owners is a valuable resource. As vehicles continue to their evolution towards software and application driven machines,...


7th October 2020

Smart Cities Must Bring Community with Them

Smart cities with autonomous traffic will have to work with all the stakeholders to become a workable reality. That’s the message from the launch of London’s Smart Mobility Living...


5th October 2020

AVs’ Captive Audience Presents Infotainment Challenge

The future of automotive transportation will be defined by two domains: the driving function and the in-car user experience. As the driving function becomes more automated and autonomous, the...


2nd October 2020

Using ADAS to Increase Revenue Streams

Surging demand for safety features, greater convenience and high efficiency in vehicles is fueling the demand for ADAS. That’s the view of Dr Anuja Sonalker, founder, CEO at Steer....

By Simmi Sinha