Data & Analytics

26th July 2018

Building automotive security from the inside out

The role of telematics in locking hackers out of vehicles explored by Graham Jarvis. Many cyber-security techniques focus on securing the perimeter of critical computer systems and on recovering...


13th July 2018

Visions of bot-friendly consumers

Making driverless consumer-ready investigated by Siegfried Mortkowitz. The development of autonomous vehicle technology has suffered more setbacks this year.  First, a 49-year-old woman died after being struck by a...


15th June 2018

Data may answer human-machine handoff dilemma

Resolving the risks of human to machine handover in semi-autonomous vehicles, investigated by Susan Kuchinskas. Some think that it’s completely unrealistic to expect a human driver to be ready...


6th June 2018

Making sense of future sensor choices

Choosing between smart of dumb sensor systems, explored by Andrew Williams. Although the capabilities of sensor technology have grown exponentially over the last few years a lot of fine...


7th April 2017

Honda keeps hydrogen option open for driverless cars

Carmakers are hedging their bets over powertrains to suit driverless cars simply because they still don’t know how consumers will use the technology. For while most experts believe electrification...


20th April 2015

Lack of huge public spending will kill off autonomous vehicles

With the UK’s roads being among the worst in Europe, there seems little chance that the driverless car will ever be a mass-market solution despite the technological capabilities that...