Data & Analytics

24th January 2019

V2V Tech Gives Fleets a Third Eye

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technology has been lauded for its potential to help connected cars inform each other about their presence, send warnings of oncoming traffic at intersections and provide a...

By Louis Bedigian


18th January 2019

Drive-Thru Challenged By Future In-Car Dining Experiences

Sooner or later, it happens to all of us when we’re on the road. The hunger pangs strike, or a deep and abiding need for coffee arises. That’s when...

By Eric Volkman

11th January 2019

Charged with Controversy: BEV Versus Fuel Cell

The road to clean emission vehicles has some bumps and turns in it with divergent opinions on what is the best course to take. Some of the main roadblocks...

By Lynn Walford


9th January 2019

Standardized Neural Networks Could Help Machine Learning

The ever increasing volume of data captured by technology continues to transform the nature and direction of business activities across the globe and the automotive sector is no different....

By Andrew Williams


4th January 2019

The Disrupters: Three-Wheeler Pointer to Wheels Coming Off EV Wagon?

It’s not exactly a reinvention of the wheel but the three-wheeled car has returned as a Canadian EV maker launched a new model. Electra Meccanica from Vancouver has opened...

By Robert Gray

14th December 2018

ELD Pumps Up the Data Stream for Trucking Fleets

In December 2017 the first deadline to comply to the FMCSA rule, the Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) Mandate, was reached. Since then, according to some media reports, the mandate...

By Graham Jarvis

10th December 2018

Kymco Focused on Two-Wheel Connectivity

Connectivity is beginning to make inroads into the motor cycle market with several manufacturers boasting comprehensive infotainment packages on their range-topping cruiser tourers and large capacity adventure models. Yet,...


3rd December 2018

On-Board Connectivity Should Be as Expected as Windscreen Wipers, Says Aeris

Connected car services will become increasingly important to consumers as carmakers install more features into new cars. That’s the opinion of Mohsen Mohseninia vice-president market development of Aeris an...


22nd November 2018

‘Old Tech’ Cams Still Cutting a Dash With Auto Insurers

Would you invest $50 or so for a perpetual 15% discount on your auto insurance? Most of us would unhesitatingly say ‘Yes’. Well, in certain insurance markets around the...

By Eric Volkman


20th November 2018

A Leader in Autonomous Tech Has Yet to Emerge

Whether it’s a concept car, a pilot, or a press release, almost every US automaker has planted a flag in autonomy. Meanwhile, driver assistance systems get more and more...

By Susan Kuchinskas


19th November 2018

The Disrupters: EVgo Jolting the Charging Network Business

Industry insiders, analysts and consumers agree that the growing proliferation of electric vehicle charging stations will encourage more consumers to buy EVs. The lack of infrastructure remains an oft-cited...

By Robert Gray


14th November 2018

Government Subsidies Vital to EV Uptake

Although sales volumes of plug-in vehicles remain modest in most markets, there are signs that predictions that they will represent 100% of new car sales in Europe by 2030...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz