Data & Analytics

17th August 2020

Carmaker Challenges with the Everything Connected Vehicle

The increasing breadth of connectivity in vehicles can bring valuable features to automakers and consumers alike. Chief among these are the enabling of proactive and predictive performance and maintenance...


14th August 2020

Dreams of ‘Free’ Electric Energy a Long Way Off

Since 2019 the term ‘self-charging hybrid car’ has been touted by most of the top automaker brands. With the future of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), being electric the...

By Graham Jarvis


13th August 2020

Ways to Revenues Through In-Cabin Software

Software is already a key driver of value in the automotive market, with more automakers turning to software updates to monetize the software in their vehicles. “This is an...


12th August 2020

Hackers Must Keep Tearing Cars Apart

Carmakers need to ask software hackers to ‘tear their cars apart’ to make sure the products are cyber secure. That’s the view of Casey Ellis, CTO and founder of...


7th August 2020

Allowing Consumer Intervention Could Engender AV Trust

Moves to help automakers increase consumer trust in fully autonomous vehicles have begun with the setting up of best-practice guidelines allowing passenger intervention. Many surveys have highlighted the consensus...


5th August 2020

Traffic Data Cyber-Security Works… For Now

Russian company Quanttelecom is developing a quantum communication technology for protection of transport-related data against man-in-the-middle attacks. So far, the developer has made three real-world implementations in the national...

By Roma Nazarov


4th August 2020

Insurers’ Role in Promoting Connected Car Data Sharing

Making driving data available through a data exchange offers substantial business benefits for insurance carriers. Benefits, not the least of which, is the ability to use, with proper consent,...


28th July 2020

Micro-Mobility the Winner in Post Pandemic Transport

People will move around a lot less and require a very different mix of mobility solutions post pandemic. That’s the view of Mark Frohnmayer, CEO and founder, of the...

24th July 2020

Will the Pandemic Open Opportunities for Micro-Transit?

If running big buses on fixed routes and fixed schedules was a money-loser already, the COVID-19 pandemic may provide the tipping point for public transport as a whole. Cash-strapped...

By Susan Kuchinskas


22nd July 2020

Semi-Autonomous Retrofit Claiming Fleet Savings

Fuel economy is a strong selling point with vehicle automation systems, thinks Andrey Vavilin, co-founder and CEO at AV start-up BaseTracK. With this presumption in mind, the developer undertakes...

By Roma Nazarov


17th July 2020

No Easy Path to Finding Industry Standards for Driverless Tech

The journey to common industry standards governing the safety of autonomous vehicles will require participation from all the stakeholders. Organizations ranging from automakers to lawmakers will have to join...


16th July 2020

The Disrupters: The Mobility Game Post Pandemic

COVID-19 has presented fresh challenges to shared mobility companies. Job cuts and a near-total absence of customers for various time periods in many cases, while cities face budget shortfalls...

By Robert Gray