Data & Analytics

25th March 2019

Weather Updates For AVs Could Use Coms Cocktail

Weather updates are going to be crucial to allow autonomous vehicles to adjust to changing road conditions in the same way that a human driver should adjust their speed...

By Graham Jarvis


22nd March 2019

Carmakers Must Take Ownership of Future In-Car User Experience

As the world’s automakers work to increase the autonomous capabilities of passenger vehicles and gear up for 5G connectivity, they will also have to reckon with changing consumer demands...


20th March 2019

Even Driving a Billion Miles Can’t Prepare Driverless Cars for Everything

The same words seem to be reiterated at every trade show: “Autonomous vehicles must drive a billion miles before deployment.” This assumes that there truly is safety in numbers...

By Louis Bedigian


14th March 2019

Emerging Markets Not Always Promised Land For Autonomous Growth

For the world’s carmakers, emerging markets are always on their maps – after all, they have the best potential for growth. This situation won’t change with the coming of...

By Eric Volkman


14th March 2019

AVs Need More Snow Training, Moscow Trial Reveals

Bad roads are a well-known fact about Russia and the dependence of driverless vehicles on high quality of infrastructure is another known. Yet, nobody in the country believes in...

By Roma Nazarov


13th March 2019

Kia Says ICE Could Survive in Electrified Automotive Future

Electrification of vehicle powertrains will alter depending on consumer needs and market segments and many will still employ ICE technology. That’s the view of Kia Motors Europe’s head of...


12th March 2019

Public Driverless Mobility a Winner For Carmakers, Says PSA

Mobility is a ‘win-win’ for carmakers who can either make revenues by providing autonomous vehicles to urban transport ecosystems or take over the services themselves. That’s the opinion of...


11th March 2019

Autonomous Tech Costs Could Reshape Auto Insurance Risks

Insurance is a key topic surrounding who will be liable for the safety and repair of autonomous vehicles but the legal intricacies could be far more complex than many...

By Louis Bedigian


8th March 2019

Motorsport’s Role in Extending EV Adoption

One of the ways manufacturers are developing their EV and hybrid tech is by taking it racing. Formula 1 and the World Endurance Championship have both been using hybrid...

By Philip Oakley


7th March 2019

Car Data Unlocks As Many Opportunities as Concerns

Cars are producing data that can help automakers, personalize experiences and improve driving skills. Mobility data is not without issues but can provide fascinating future use cases. TU-Automotive talked...

By Lynn Walford


6th March 2019

Telematics Sticks-and-Carrots Still Most Effective for Fleet Management

When it comes to facing up to the challenge of managing large fleets, a combination of a fragmented device landscape and a changing mix of drivers can pose significant...

By Andrew Williams


1st March 2019

AR Backseat Experience Could Lyft the Ride

Automotive infotainment is improving but is still a few “parsecs” away from a Star Wars “Dejarik” moment, where passengers are playing augmented reality games in the backseat as they...

By Robert Gray