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23rd September 2021

Where e-SIMS meet Cloud-Based Management Platforms

Connected and autonomous vehicles need a way to connect to a mobile network. Ericsson predicts that all the manufactured vehicles will be cellular-enabled by 2025, “leading to an enhanced...

By Graham Jarvis


22nd September 2021

The State of the Connected Autonomous Nation

Connected, autonomous vehicles traveling down their own designated, uncongested lanes and improving mobility on a smart highway. That is the reality which a joint venture aims to create in...

By Robert Gray


15th September 2021

V2X Reducing the Cyber-Security Risks

The future of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) depends on a number of factors, and one of the most vital ones is cyber-security. Protecting the vehicles, the highways and...

By Graham Jarvis


10th September 2021

Handling the Inevitable Driverless Tech Accident

Many of the proponents for autonomous vehicles say they are safer than human drivers, reducing accidents, deaths, and injuries. However, an article by Tony Gillespie, visiting professor, electronic and...

By Graham Jarvis


26th August 2021

What the US Infrastructure Plan Means for Auto Technology

$1 trillion: It’s a potential huge cash infusion into the US economy with a big focus on technology. That’s a key thing about the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act...

By Susan Kuchinskas


20th August 2021

OTA Upgrades as Post Sales Revenue Generators

Over-the-air (OTA) software updates are seen by virtually all automakers as a critical avenue to high margin revenue generation. However, so far, only Tesla has fully exploited the capability...


10th August 2021

Weather Still a Challenge to AVs

In the drive towards full autonomy, vehicle makers and solutions providers must tackle a nearly impossible variety of factors. Some of these, often necessarily, are more attention-grabbing than others...

By Eric Volkman


4th August 2021

More Opportunities than Challenges for Insurers in an AV World

Insurers should have no concerns about opportunities in the autonomous vehicle world because there will be plenty of new revenue streams to look forward to. That’s the view of...

3rd August 2021

Trying to Apply Ethics to Driverless Technology

Nearly a year ago the European Commission published a report on the ethics of data and artificial intelligence in connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). Part of the discussion in...

By Graham Jarvis


30th July 2021

Driverless Tech Must Ride Out the Storms to Come

Navigation products are being released all the time promising drivers the ability to take into account extreme weather conditions. Matthew Avery, director of insurance research at Thatcham Research, reminds...

By Graham Jarvis

29th July 2021

V2X Vital for Traffic Efficiency and Road Safety

The mobility industry is transforming itself and, with it, comes the need to change and improve automotive connectivity. New technologies won’t work without it because it defines the future...

By Graham Jarvis


23rd July 2021

Cut-Price Green Fuel Promise of “Turquoise” Hydrogen

Russian researchers have claimed they are able to split methane into hydrogen and solid carbon in a way that could be soon slash the cost of automotive grade hydrogen....

By Roma Nazarov