StreetDrone Gets Hong Kong AV Program Contract

StreetDrone Gets Hong Kong AV Program Contract

Autonomous vehicle maker StreetDrone has exported a vehicle to Hong Kong for use in an autonomous vehicle technology program.

The Oxford company sent a StreetDrone ONE to the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), a technology agency that receives funding from the territory’s government. At the opening of his organisation’s Automotive Parts and Accessory System R&D Centre Showcase 2018, HKPC chairman Willy Lin announced that the StreetDrone ONE would be the program’s first vehicle. He explained that the council hopes to work with domestic businesses to help them explore how autonomous vehicles can present them with new business opportunities.

Lin said: “To help local industries seize such opportunities, APAS has recently acquired its first autonomous-ready vehicle with the support of the Innovation and Technology Commission. It will serve as an R&D platform for these technologies’ future local development and application”.

StreetDrone says it has been developing a network of connections in both Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland as part of its expansion plan. CEO Mike Potts said: “HK and China is an extremely exciting market with a growing number of far-reaching OEMs who need to accelerate their autonomous vehicle programs to remain competitive within their respective markets. StreetDrone wishes to be the enablers of this technology and apply our motorsports rapid development cycle ethos to help a wide range of ambitious companies”.

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