Start-Up Claims 12.5-Minute EV Charge Industry “First”

Start-Up Claims 12.5-Minute EV Charge Industry “First”

An electric truck start-up is claiming to have broken EV sector records by fully charging a vehicle in 12 minutes, 35 seconds.

Atlis Motor Vehicles, which primarily makes electric pick-up trucks, achieved this when testing its prototype large-scale battery pack at an EVgo rapid charging point in Arizona. The company says the aim of the test was to fully charge an EV in under 15 minutes. It claims that by doing so in under 13 minutes, it has set a new record for the EV sector. However, Atlis admits it had to keep the pack’s capacity low in order to obtain sufficient power from the charge point.

Atlis says the prototype “is a lithium-ion cell with a unique cooling system for optimum temperature management”. CEO Mark Hanchett claims: “Recharge times for batteries is still one of the largest obstacles to wider adoption of EVs … properly managing cell temperatures is still overlooked by many electric vehicle manufacturers but is one of the most critical components to battery performance and longevity … just providing mild surface cooling of the cells is insufficient”.

Atlis says it wants the pack to be customizable to drivers’ specifications and integrable into the XP platform the company’s developing when it launches commercially.


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