SPACs: For Auto Suppliers and Companies to Go Public in the US

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Jeff Franklin. Jeff is currently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Los Angeles-based ATI. His current consulting practice focuses, not only, on advising funds and companies on financial transactions in the entertainment business, but also, acquisitions and restructuring of entertainment assets.  In addition, he advises companies on going public through U.S.-based SPACs. In the music industry, he has advised leading companies such as Columbia Records, PolyGram, Universal Music Group, Casablanca Records, and Caytronics Corp. for the sale of their record companies.

In the 12-minute audio interview, Mr. Franklin discusses these questions:

  • What is a SPAC?
  • What is the reason for looking into SPACs?
  • Is there an advantage for using a SPAC, which is US-based, as opposed to one located in a different country?
  • What are the company requirements for merging with a SPAC?
  • How many SPACs are there available in the U.S. at this time?
  • How can a company learn more, if interested in going public through an existing SPAC?
  • Any final thoughts?

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