South Africa’s new miTraffic service

South Africa’s new miTraffic service

While miTraffic might help commuters with more than one route option to at least start off on the right foot, the service doesn't send further updates if circumstances change. Which can happen a dozen times or more during a single commute.

Personally, I'd be more inclined to subscribe to the service if updates were provided for a reasonable time-frame after the first request. For instance, once you've asked for traffic info on a particular route, the service would automatically send updates on any incidents that occur on that route,say within a twenty-minute time frame.

That, to me, is more in the line of a "live traffic" service.

However, used in conjunction with the local radio stations' traffic updates, miTraffic is a useful service, although at almost ZAR50 a month, it's not exactly cheap …

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