Smarter approach to EV battery requirements could lower costs

Battery suppliers continually are looking at ways to increase electric-vehicle range and lower costs by improving battery chemistry and manufacturing efficiency. Now they finally may be getting some help from automakers, as well.

Denise Gray, president and CEO of LG Chem Power, tells WardsAuto vehicle manufacturers are beginning to fine-tune their specifications in ways that could lead to more economical batteries, potentially making EVs available to a wider audience.

As automakers get more and more experience with EVs, they are starting to reconsider how battery power is allocated and how durable the energy-storage systems need to be, Gray says, suggesting not all batteries need be capable of delivering sports-car-like acceleration with 200-plus mile (322-km) range and greater than 100,000-mile (161,000 km) life expectancy. This article first appeared in WardsAuto.

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