OEM Spotlight

30th May 2019

First Series Production PHEV Ferrari Lifts Performance Crown

Old-time Ferrari fans are in for a shock with its first series production PHEV that is also the first range-topping V8 in the marque’s history. The iconic Italian racing...


10th May 2019

Vauxhall Finds Fleets Favoring ADAS

Fleet managers are budgeting for ADAS in their vehicle choices as the cost savings of adequate safety features increasingly affect the business bottom line. That’s the findings of UK...


8th May 2019

VW’s First ID Model Uses Tesla-Style Pre-Ordering

Volkswagen is taking a leaf out of the Tesla sales manual by launching a pre-booking system in Europe for its first all-electric ID model, the ID.3. In a statement,...


3rd May 2019

Audi Joins Hyundai In Refocus on Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Audi is the latest carmaker to refocus on hydrogen fuel cell technology citing consumer concerns over BEV on top of sourcing raw materials for lithium-ion batteries. Its chairman, Bram...


2nd May 2019

Vehicles Must Be Designed For Urban Car-Sharing, Says Citroën

Car-sharing of many different types of vehicles will be part of future ambitions to reduce city center congestion, according to French carmaker Citroën. That drive towards exploring the sort...


18th April 2019

Kia EV Concept Hints at Mobility Ambitions

Kia has unveiled an EV as its vision of how vehicles designed for ride- and car-sharing models will look like in the relatively near future. Based on the carmaker’s...


5th April 2019

Ford Pitches Electrification on All European Models

Ford is playing catch-up in the race to electrify its range promising to have an electrified version of every model in its European range. It did this during another...


2nd April 2019

Nissan’s Connected Car Ecosystem ‘Will Keep Data Safe’

Consumers have been promised total control over their driving data in Nissan’s connectivity strategy. That’s the promise being made by Garth Dunsmore Nissan Europe director of electric vehicles and...


26th March 2019

EV Sales At Tipping Point In Europe, Says Kia

European consumers are starting to gain confidence with EV ownership according to Kia which even claims to be seeing real enthusiasm for the powertrain. That’s the opinion of Kia...


20th March 2019

Volvo Takes Nanny-State-Of-Mind to New Heights

Way back in the 1950s when Volvo gave away its patent for the car’s first three-point seat belt to other manufacturers, many motorists scoffed. These safety doubters would have...


20th March 2019

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Launches Own Cloud

Far from drifting apart following the sacking of its chief Carlos Ghosn, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance looks like forging even closer ties in the all-important data arena. It has announced...


19th March 2019

Future Citroën Designers May Be Furniture Specialists

Autonomous vehicles could see the creation of two different breeds of car designers, even opening the automotive door to furniture creatives. This is the opinion of Citroën’s head of...