OEM Spotlight

17th January 2020

VW Explores Voice Controlled Vehicle Functions

Volkswagen is leading the move to enabling vehicle functions to be taken over by voice assistants raising the possibility of the technology having a mission critical role in future....


8th January 2020

Tested: Nissan Juke Ideal Urban Car-Share

All sorts of peer-to-peer car-share ‘clubs’ are popping up in urban environments around the world. That’s hardly surprising to a city dweller such as myself because urban mobility will,...


3rd January 2020

Tested: Škoda Superb L&K 2.0 TSI DSG – the Here and Now Super-Urban Solution

Speak to almost any European car dealer and you will hear the lament that diesel sales continue to plummet amid urban air quality concerns. However, this trend has revitalized...


3rd December 2019

Jaguar’s 570bhp V8 Star of New F-Type

Star of the facelift new Jaguar F-Type sportscar has to be its stonking V8 that elevates the car into the supercar arena. Boasting 570bhp, the 5.0-liter supercharged engine in...


29th November 2019

Tested: Ford Mondeo Vignale HEV Estate – Built Tough By Mechanics

Who doesn’t enjoy a good long drive? Many passengers, that’s for sure, but for the dedicated motorist there are few greater pleasures than a ‘mission’ drive in a car...


21st November 2019

Mercedes-AMG Unleashes 600bhp+ Mild Hybrid SUV

Mercedes-AMG has let its most powerful mild-hybrid SUV off the leash with the new GLE63 boasting some 628bhp. The ranging-topping GLE63 S employs a new charger in the 608bhp...


21st November 2019

Aston Martin Chooses China for First SUV Debut

Aston Martin chose to launch its first SUV in the BEV powerhouse of China hoping the market’s passion for off-road ability will ‘sell’ its ICE powertrain technology. Yet, the...


13th November 2019

Volvo Shows Off Autonomous Bus Depot Potential

Volvo has showcased its autonomous bus working for the first time in a depot loaded with passengers as a proof of concept. The live demonstration, one of the world’s...


11th November 2019

Lexus First BEV Targets Chinese Market

Lexus says it will unveil its first production-ready BEV in China later this month hoping to tap into the premium end of that market’s government-led burgeoning demand. China has...


9th October 2019

Flexible Charge Point Access Key to EV Adoption, Says Ford

The ability to plug in a BEV wherever there is a charge point is one of the key factors in persuading consumers to go electric. That’s the opinion of...


7th October 2019

Hardware Vital Part of Connected Experience, Says Honda

Too much emphasis in designing connected car systems is being placed on the software while ignoring a vehicle’s hardware. This is the opinion of Honda’s head of connectivity, Mirai...


27th September 2019

Connected Users Could Increase Brand Loyalty, Says Ford

Connectivity could increase a consumer’s bond with a brand even more than the sculptured sheet metal of the cars themselves. This is the opinion of Ford of Europe’s John...