18 Oct 2018

Style Not Power Will Sell the Cars of the Future, Says DS Autos

Engine power output will become largely irrelevant to future generations of car buyers and users more interested in lifestyle than mechanical prowess. That’s the opinion of Eric Apode vice-president...


17 Oct 2018

NIO Takes Aim at US With EV Offerings

Could NIO become the new kid coming to town in the global electric vehicle market? Perhaps, albeit eventually. This summer China’s NIO filed for an initial public offering of...

By Eric Volkman


15 Oct 2018

Human-Free Roads To Bring AV Nearer, Says Kia Exec

Autonomous-only roads could accelerate the adoption of the technology and modern-era built cities are likely to be leading this strategy. That is the opinion of Artur Martins vice-president marketing...


12 Oct 2018

Cost Point Determines AV Acceleration, Says LeddarTech

LiDAR remains one of the key technologies used in the development of self-driving vehicles. There are dozens of companies that have entered the space, hoping to produce the perfect...

By Louis Bedigian


11 Oct 2018

AV Legislation “Halted” By 2017 Election, Says GLA Transport Chair

Greg Hyde talks to Greater London Assembly (GLA) Transport Committee chairperson Caroline Pidgeon about automotive issues in the capital. With so many interested parties throwing their hats into the...


10 Oct 2018

Tested: Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC Today’s True ‘Green’ Choice

One of the joys of a solitary long-distance drive is the time it gives us to mull things over while performing the constant assessments of road conditions, vehicle approach...


08 Oct 2018

EVs Need Government Subsidies to Thrive, Says Kia

The sales growth potential of electric vehicles is in the hands of government regulators, not carmakers, because price will trump any eco-conscience that consumers may express. That’s the opinion...


05 Oct 2018

Motorists Could Soon Need to Fuel-up With Data

Data volumes are ever increasing and at an unprecedented rate. Connected and autonomous vehicles will further add to the amount of data that’s currently out there. It’s hard to...

By Graham Jarvis


03 Oct 2018

Quality Data Drives Moves Against Motor Insurance Fraud

Metromile, the pay-per-mile auto insurer, had a problem: when customers had claims, their satisfaction plummeted. Looking into it, execs realized that, while 70% to 80% of claims were easily...


01 Oct 2018

Hybrids at Heart of Toyota’s Powertrain Future

Hybrid vehicles have a long way to go as a pivotal part of Toyota’s long term powertrain strategy. That’s the opinion of Sophie Ogunbiyi, manager external affairs Toyota Europe,...


28 Sep 2018

Robot Racing Unlikely to Win F1 Fans, Says McLaren

Motorsports such as Formula One and NASCAR thrill onlookers with their mix of speed and danger. Much of the drama of these contests comes from the human element; fans...

By Eric Volkman


26 Sep 2018

Insurers Tread Warily Among Connected Car Tech

Looking at the auto technology that will work best for tomorrow’s insurers, explored by Eric Volkman. As the auto industry goes, so goes the auto insurance business. As everyone...

Eric Volkman