Connected Vehicles

12 Oct 2018

Audi, Huawei Unveil Autonomous CV Tech

Audi and Huawei have used the new Audi Q7 to demonstrate the connected self-driving vehicle technology on which they have been collaborating. At a company event, they demonstrated how...


11 Oct 2018

AV Legislation “Halted” By 2017 Election, Says GLA Transport Chair

Greg Hyde talks to Greater London Assembly (GLA) Transport Committee chairperson Caroline Pidgeon about automotive issues in the capital. With so many interested parties throwing their hats into the...


05 Oct 2018

Motorists Could Soon Need to Fuel-up With Data

Data volumes are ever increasing and at an unprecedented rate. Connected and autonomous vehicles will further add to the amount of data that’s currently out there. It’s hard to...

By Graham Jarvis


03 Oct 2018

Quality Data Drives Moves Against Motor Insurance Fraud

Metromile, the pay-per-mile auto insurer, had a problem: when customers had claims, their satisfaction plummeted. Looking into it, execs realized that, while 70% to 80% of claims were easily...


02 Oct 2018

Consultancy to Cities: Adapt to CAVs or Die

A consultancy is claiming cities that don’t adapt their infrastructure to meet the requirements of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) will become uncompetitive. In its Citizens in Motion report,...


26 Sep 2018

Volkswagen Developing Low-Emissions Electric Van

Volkswagen has premiered a new low-emissions electric van that it is developing. The vehicle is the ID Buzz Cargo, a revamped version of its existing Transporter van. Volkswagen Commercial...


19 Sep 2018

Mapping to Remain Vital Part of Auto Tech Industry

Where are you right now? Whatever the answer, your location is nearly 100% certain to be available on a digital map. Our increasingly data-heavy world, matched with real-time applications...

By Eric Volkman


19 Sep 2018

Hyundai Banks on AR Navigation Future

Hyundai is setting a future of augmented reality (AR) navigation for its vehicles with its investment in a specialist start-up. It has plumped for the Swiss deep-tech provider WayRay...


17 Sep 2018

Ford’s Connected Focus Winning Consumer Hearts

Carmakers have long been attempting to find ways to make their products as much as possible interoperable and, even, interchangeable with their consumers’ smartphones. They are doing this with...


14 Sep 2018

PSA Starts V2X Shoot-Out in China

The PSA Group has begun demonstrating its smart-city communications V2X technology in a Chinese city pitching two rival systems against each other. Its demo, testing separate solutions from Huawei...


12 Sep 2018

Yamaha Announces Collaboration with EV Battery Start-Up

Yamaha has announced it is preparing to undertake a collaboration with a Taiwanese EV battery exchange and scooter start-up. The Japanese tech giant intends to design electric scooters based...


11 Sep 2018

Robots But Not as We Know Them Jim!

Louis Bedigian explores what robots should, and shouldn’t, look like in an automotive HMI future. The human machine interface (HMI) is set to become very important to the cars...