Connected Vehicles

23rd February 2021

Digital Transformation Creates Platform to Deliver Sustainable Mobility

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing tectonic plates to slide in the automotive industry, and in indeed in many others. However, it’s not the only factor that is causing a...

By Graham Jarvis


16th February 2021

Consumer Trust Key to In-Car Payments

Consumer adoption of in-vehicle payments (IVP) is accelerating as vehicle owners grow comfortable with contactless payment systems and automakers develop “unlockable” digital upgrades to vehicle systems. Meanwhile, the ecosystem...


11th February 2021

5G Claiming Success in CAV Testing

Vodafone has joined Midlands Future Mobility in the UK, giving a boost to the country’s real-world connect and autonomous mobility (CAM) testbed. As telecoms website explains: “In all,...

By Graham Jarvis


2nd February 2021

Ford Chooses Google as Connected Car Partner

Ford is to let Google handle its V2X data seemingly ending the debate over whether automakers will ring-fence their product and consumer generated information. The automaker has agreed to...


29th January 2021

On-Board Computing Cannot be Replaced by 5G, Says NXP

In vehicle computing power will grow exponentially well in advance of the dreams of sending mission-critical autonomous function data to the cloud. That’s the view of Arnaud Van Den...


25th January 2021

Why Data-Driven Mobility Could be a Power for Good

Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) chief executive Dominic Clayden claims the data-driven world of mobility can be a real power for good. He explained at an Association of British Insurers’...

By Graham Jarvis


21st January 2021

Russian Regulators set Standard for Automotive Bigdata

The package of Russian national standards issued late last year establishes a regulatory framework for collection, storage and use of vehicle and road related data. The scheme named Platform...

By Roman Nazarov

8th January 2021

Building Insurance Business Using Data to Set Prices

TU-Automotive reported in November that General Motors is launching itself into the insurance market. The aim is to use driving and vehicle data to set insurance prices employing its...

By Graham Jarvis


6th January 2021

Get Ready for In-Vehicle HMI to get ‘Unreal’

Is the automotive HMI of the future a blank expanse of wood, cloth or plastic? In a concept BMW dubbed “shy tech” in its Vision iNEXT, controls lurk underneath...

By Susan Kuchinskas


4th January 2021

On the Road with Future In-Vehicle Sat Navs

Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are already riding shotgun in the cockpit of some connected vehicles. Now industry executives are planning the next advancements they say will...

By Robert Gray


23rd December 2020

Daimler Buddies Up to Boost its Software Capability

Daimler hopes to accelerate its software capabilities by partnering with Indian digital specialist Infosys. The automaker expects the partnership will enable it to deepen focus on software engineering and...


22nd December 2020

MaaS Pits Insurers Against Automakers over Data

The shift away from personal vehicle ownership has been slowed owing to the pandemic as consumers seek a safe space. So, while car-and ridesharing had seen tremendous adoption over...