Connected Car

16th May 2019

Navigation? Sat’s Not Always the Way to Do It!

There’s a new smartphone app launched in the UK claiming to alert motorists of accident hotspots ahead in real-time. On the surface, this seems a must-have app especially for...


29th April 2019

JLR Offers Customers Cryptocurrency Earnings

Jaguar Land Rover is testing an in-car payment system that could earn its customers bonus incentives with cryptocurrency. Its ‘Smart Wallet’ system claims to allow JLR owners earn credits...


Buick Links with ExxonMobil for Faster Payments
8th August 2018

Buick Links with ExxonMobil for Faster Payments

Buick is joining forces with ExxonMobil on an updated version of Marketplace, its in-car payments platform. Eligible Buick vehicles will receive the update, which will allow drivers to buy...


17th July 2018

Minnows making waves in auto tech

Small players sounding off among the emerging technology assessed by Eric Volkman. As far as automakers are concerned, it’s the ‘Big Guys’ that dominate the conversation when the topic...


8th June 2018

Day Two TU-Automotive Detroit 2018: Partnerships and data to drive forward

The connected-car industry is coming together, for real. Susan Kuchinskas wraps up the second day in Novi, Michigan. Continued from Day One. The importance of breaking down siloes and...


7th June 2018

Day One TU-Automotive Detroit 2018: Expanding universe of technology and partners

Susan Kuchinskas reports on the first day of the industry’s top technology conference. The diversity of companies, technologies and business models gathered together on the first day of TU-Automotive...


18th May 2018

Maps must reflect real-time in a driverless world, says TomTom

Coming autonomous technology challenge current navigation systems, TomTom’s Antoine Saucier tells Paul Myles. In common with many drivers, I have pitted my smartphone’s satellite navigation against the dashboard fitted...


27th April 2018

Lessons in building smarter cities

How V2X can help cities function better in a connected world, explored by Robert Gray. Most industry experts believe vehicle communication will drive the nascent stages of smart cities...