Robot Tractors to Grow by 24% in Next Decade
7th August 2018

Robot Tractors to Grow by 24% in Next Decade

The driverless agricultural tractor market is set to grow by 24% inside the next seven years. A report published by Allied Market Research suggests this technology was worth $648.9M in 2016 and predicts it will be worth $4,389.8M by...


3rd August 2018

Driverless and ADAS 21% Predicted Annual Growth in Next Decade

A study just published claims the global market for semi and fully autonomous vehicles will record a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21% by 2030. The report by...


2nd August 2018

Sacramento’s Startup Agreement Green Light for Driverless

A partnership between Sacramento and a vehicle communications software provider is hoping to bring Level 5 autonomous vehicles to the streets of California’s capital city. The city has entered...


30th July 2018

Weekly Brief: Ford follows GM’s lead in fishing for investors

GM got rich when it spun off its self-driving unit now Ford wants to do the same. Andrew Tolve comments. Ford seems to be playing follow-my-leader to General Motors...


23rd July 2018

Driverless bus under development in UK

Work has begun on trialing the country’s first full-sized driverless bus, writes Paul Myles. A public transport provider has announced plans to develop the first full-size driverless bus to...


20th July 2018

Shifting up public acceptance of autonomous tech

Ways to break through consumers fear barrier against driverless tech, explored by Robert Gray. Autonomous vehicles and the latest ADAS features may be a tougher sell to the American...


18th July 2018

Weekly Brief: Daimler sets sights on Silicon Valley’s first robotaxi service

The service will enter test mode in the second half of 2019. Andrew Tolve reports. Daimler and Bosch want to beat Waymo in its own backyard. The carmaker and Tier-1 supplier announced last week that they...


28th June 2018

Cost versus performance is LiDAR’s biggest challenge

The state of LiDAR technology for the auto industry explored by Eric Volkman. It’s a small word (technically, acronym) with only five letters. But LiDAR looms very large in...


6th June 2018

Having two ‘drivers’ in a car may never work

Technology to monitor driver awareness on way to autonomy, explored by Eric Volkman. A classic problem in auto safety is drowsy driving. Nodding off is all well and good...


1st June 2018

Fleets could spearhead driverless revolution

Future potential of cargo-only autonomous vehicles explored by Eric Volkman. In the future, certain autonomous vehicle manufacturers might cut the passenger out of the equation, at least to some...


25th May 2018

Getting regulators on the driverless bus

Legal challenges facing the driverless car continue, explored by Simmi Sinha. In our article Guinea-pig testing casts a ‘shadow’ over driverless tech we discussed the challenges of autonomous vehicle testing and...


18th May 2018

Hey Bot, what do you know about reasonable driving behaviour?

The ethical challenges of AI in a driverless future, investigated by Eric Volkman. It’s a science-fiction trope as old as the genre itself – a sentient machine (robot, spacecraft,...