Autonomous Vehicles

2nd August 2023

BMW in Push to Bring Level 3 LiDAR AV Tech to Market

BMW is expanding its collaboration with Israeli LiDAR specialist Innoviz Technologies to accelerate its autonomous driving capabilities aimed at bringing Level 3 to market. Under the new development agreement,...


1st August 2023

Russian AV Developers Focused on Self Promotion

This summer, three local AV developers announced the launch of commercial services using driverless vehicles. In June, Yandex began charging its robo-taxi users in Moscow. The paid trips are...

By Roma Nazarov


31st July 2023

Conviction of AV Safety Driver Doesn’t let Uber Off the Hook

Uber will hope the conviction of its safety driver for the fatal 2018 accident in Phoenix, Arizona, that led to it scrapping autonomous driving plans, will draw a line...


28th July 2023

BMW Creates AV Test Track in Czechia

BMW has opened an autonomous driving and parking test track in Czechia in a bid to advance its ADAS technology. As the first development location of its kind in...


28th July 2023

Waymo to Focus on Robo-Taxi Tech instead of Trucking

Waymo has decided to back away from trucking autonomous technology and focus most of its attention on future robo-taxi services. This week it announced its refocus away from heavy...


21st July 2023

Chinese AV Tech could Pose Spying Risk, US Warns

Data collection potential of Chinese vehicles fitted with automated driving technology could pose spying risks for western societies. That’s the warning from the US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg who...


7th July 2023

Tesla’s Autopilot Faults Still Threaten Children, Safety Advocate Warns

A US road safety advocate organization claims Tesla’s latest Autopilot ‘Full Self-Driving’ update has failed to cure any of the system’s major issues. The Dawn Project, a long-time critic...


20th June 2023

Baidu Granted Commercial Robo-Taxi License in Shenzen

Chinese digital giant Baidu has been granted a commercial license for its driverless ride-hailing service in parts of Shenzhen, known as the country’s technology center. Its fleet of driverless...


8th June 2023

AV Companies Fear UK will Lose Out Because of Government Turmoil

Autonomous driving focused companies in the UK say their future is at risk from government delays in passing laws allowing on-road testing. Internal turmoil within the current government’s Conservative...


7th June 2023

Automakers Still Overplaying Automated Driving Capabilities

Some automakers continue to overstate the capabilities of their autonomous driving features according to Assisted Driving assessments run by Euro NCAP. Thatcham Research, the automotive risk intelligence company and...


1st June 2023

UK Start-Up Claims First Driverless Car-Hire Service

A British start-up is offering a fully unmanned driverless delivered on demand car-hiring service, albeit using remote control technology. The company, Imperium Drive, has launched the Fetch service first...


26th May 2023

Autonomous Tech Stalled Through Lack of Innovation

Autonomous cars were expected to be the next big thing in mobility but, after endless hype for their potential and broken promises of imminent deployment, we don’t seem to...

By Louis Bedigian