Sky’s the Limit as Hyundai Spells Out Mobility Strategy

Hyundai plans to take to the air by offering a wide range of mobility solutions including personal aircraft.

An executive announcement from its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, has included intentions to go beyond automobiles and start building personal personal air vehicles (PAVs) as part of an Urban Air Mobility platform. The carmaker’s ambitions will be supported on two strategic pillars: first, the manufacturing of the hardware to achieve mobility with automotive, robotics and last-mile delivery solutions; second, a service offering smart mobility solutions and personalized services in an integrated platform.

Named Strategy 2025, the company says its Smart Mobility Device business will supply products laying the groundwork to help foster the service business. On the other hand, the Smart Mobility Service business will provide personalized contents and services on Hyundai devices to help secure a broader customer base.

The automakers added that the two pillars sit on top of its three key directions: enhancing profitability in internal combustion engine vehicles, securing leadership in vehicle electrification and laying the groundwork for platform-based businesses.

Goals include selling 670,000 BEVs and FCEVs annually and becoming one of the top three global EV manufacturers by 2025 and offering most new models with EV powertrains by 2030 in major markets and five years later in emerging markets.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_


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