Skyhook Wireless powers location-aware Internet

Skyhook Wireless powers location-aware Internet

Loki's geo-targeting capabilities are enabling companies such as Whrrl,, Krillion, Yahoo! Fire Eagle, UpNext and CitySquares to serve, search for, and facilitate the creation of location-relevant content.

This makes location-based services available to laptop and desktop Internet users, not just those with location-enabled mobile phones.

Skyhook's Loki leverages the company's Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) to deliver highly accurate location information through a web browser.

Social Discovery – Whrrl – a new social discovery service from Pelago delivers real-time updates, reviews and locations of people, places and events in the physical world through both Internet and mobile platform.

Location Based Gaming – – delivers location-specific geocaching search results without the user needing to submit his own location.

Local Search – Krillion -provides online shoppers with real-time, location-specific product availability information from major retailers in the US.

Location Sharing – Yahoo! Fire Eagle
Fire Eagle is a secure way for users to share their location with sites and services online.

Local Content – CitySquares & UpNext – CitySquares provides rich, hyper-local content for urban and suburban communities, offeging information on more than 65,000 local businesses. UpNext enables users to explore and discover cities in 3D.

"Accurate location information provides important context for web experiences," says Ryan Sarver, Skyhook Wireless' director of consumer products. "It's exciting to see the location-aware web arriving across such a wide range of services."

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