Skyhook Wireless announces XPS 2.0

Skyhook Wireless announces XPS 2.0

As location technologies are added to mass-market consumer devices, the performance requirements for positioning systems have increased dramatically. For wide adoption of LBS to become a reality, consumers will expect their devices to produce an accurate location regardless of whether they're indoors or outdoors, in downtown Manhattan, or hiking in Montana.

Consumers aren't interested in technical challenges like line-of-site, signal availability or multi-path, and they don't want to wait thirty seconds or even several minutes to plot their current location.

Immediate, accurate and consistent location has proven difficult to achieve. The solution is a hybrid positioning system that takes advantage of a range of signal capabilities within the device.

With XPS 2.0, Skyhook Wireless is delivering the most advanced positioning system in the world by combining ground breaking positioning algorithms along with comprehensive environment survey data.

XPS builds on the Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) that is already deployed on millions of mobile devices worldwide. The original version of XPS delivered multi-mode location switching between WPS and GPS
readings based on availability and error estimates. XPS 2.0 combines raw Wi-Fi, GPS and cell tower readings to produce a single hybrid calculation.

In the most difficult indoor and urban environments, XPS can leverage signals from just two GPS satellites to improve Wi-Fi location accuracy by more than 35%.

Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) can only produce a location 70% of the time outdoors due to blocked signals. In these difficult urban environments, XPS uses weak GPS signals along with Wi-Fi to produce the most
accurate location possible 100% of the time.

According to Ted Morgan, founder & CEO of Skyhook Wireless, Wi-Fi offers a one second time-to-fix and position accuracy of within 20-25 metres. With XPS, time-to-fix improves to three to four seconds and accuracy to within 15-20 metres in urban canyons where GPS can't even get a fix.

Responsiveness is critical in consumer applications, and XPS delivers a full GPS/Wi-Fi/cellular hybrid location in just four seconds from a complete cold start, compared to thirty-sixty seconds with just A-GPS.

The longer the time-to-fix, the more drain on the battery. Thus XPS also delivers five to ten times better power conservation than A-GPS alone.

XPS also introduces vertical location to the Skyhook system, even in areas where GPS is not available.
The new stationary detection techniques in XPS reduce jitter and improve the pedestrian user experience.

XPS can also provide A-GPS techniques to offline equipment like PNDs, dramatically reducing start-up times.

As part of the XPS 2.0 launch, Skyhook Wireless is also introducing its first cellular positioning system leveraging Skyhook's fleet of field signal surveyors. Already covering major cities in the US and Europe, the system will be expanded to full Skyhook global coverage by end-2008.

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