Skyhook announces SDK upgrade

Skyhook announces SDK upgrade

The supported platforms list includes Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac, Android, Symbian, Linux and Maemo.

The standard Android location platform struggles to determine location in many environments, e.g. indoors and in urban areas – where users often wait two to three minutes for a location fix. The reliability of Android's location accuracy and time to fix is a common complaint from application developers.

"Consumers today expect location-aware applications to work everywhere they travel," said Skyhook CEO Ted Morgan. "By enhancing our Wi-Fi Positioning functionality with cell tower triangulation and GPS support, Skyhook gives developers the opportunity to provide fast and accurate location results that meet consumer standards."

The upgraded SDK is 75% smaller than previous versions, designed for deployment in mobile applications and devices with size constraints.

Symbian enhancements now include support for the PSY interface on S60, enabling Symbian developers to deploy Skyhook location without additional changes to existing Symbian location applications. On Windows Mobile, Skyhook now supports the GPS Intermediate Driver simplifying application integration. Skyhook has also added a feature that automatically enables Wi-Fi, saving battery and reducing user interaction with the location functionality. Developers can also now tune user locations helping to improve overall location accuracy.

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