Škoda’s First EV is an Electrified Citigo

Škoda’s first EV, the Citigo-e iV, packs a 36.8kWh battery paired with a 61 kW motor, putting it on par with the existing ICE-powered Citigo city car and the e-Up on which it is based.

The battery capacity and motor make the car good for 161 miles on a single charge. The maximum torque of 156ft-lbs is available immediately, making short bursts of acceleration possible, with 0-62mph taking 12.3 seconds, which may seem like a long time, especially for an EV. However, the the 37mph to 62mph time is 7.3, meaning the 0-37mph time is just 4 seconds.

Škoda says this is ideal for urban city use – short trips with lots of braking zones to regenerate and recover energy –  although on longer journeys it may struggle for efficient energy use and regular recharging. The top speed is a touch over 80mph, meanwhile, while charging to 0-80 percent will take 1 hour.

Interestingly, the car is not based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform, but is in effect an updated version of Volkswagen’s e-Up!, as the original Citigo was Škoda’s version of the Up!. However, the upcoming EVs from the Volkswagen-owned Czech manufacturer has said that those vehicles will be based on the MEB platform.

Production of the Škoda Citigoe iV will begin this year in Bratislava, Slovakia, although Škoda has declined to mention when it will go on sale or pricing details.

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