SK Telecom announces remote vehicle diagnostics via mobile phone


By the time the user actually climbs into his car, it will have adjusted the in-car temperature according to the weather it has downloaded, planned his route according to traffic information received, and shifted into Eco-Driving Mode based on the analysis of his driving patterns.

Apart from vehicle diagnosis and control, the MIV service enables stolen vehicle tracking, route guidance based on real-time traffic information provided through mobile networks, and an entertainment service that allows users to play music or videos without having to download them from mobile handsets – thanks to phone-automobile synchronisation via wireless networks such as WCDMA, WLAN and Bluetooth.

SK Telekom's MIV represents a new concept of convergence service where customers can use their mobile phones to diagnose and control their cars. With the launch of commercialised services before year-end, SK Telecom plans to dominate the convergence service market, which is expected to be worth US$15.4 billion by 2010.

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