Singapore Publishes Provisional AV Standards

Singapore Publishes Provisional AV Standards

The Singaporean government has published a set of provisional standards on the development and introduction of autonomous vehicles.

The government’s recently established Enterprise Singapore agency devised the standards at the behest of the Singapore Standards Council (SSC), the city-state’s standards harmonization body. In doing so, they consulted working groups comprised of AV experts from industry, academia, and government. The guidelines will be collectively known as Technical Reference 68 (TR 68).

A statement from Enterprise Singapore stressed TR 68 will be modified as AV technology becomes more advanced. Transport for Singapore autonomous roads committee chairman Loh Ngai Seng claimed the move demonstrated how closely Singapore’s AV sector is working with its government.

He added: “As we work together with the industry to prepare for the pilot deployment of AVs in Punggol, Tengah, and Jurong Innovation District in the early 2020s, we hope that TR 68 will guide AV industry players in the safe and effective deployment of AVs in Singapore”.

Enterprise Singapore director-general of quality and excellence Choy Sauw Kook claimed “TR 68 provides a strong foundation that will ensure inter-operability of data and cyber-security that are necessary for the deployment of AVs in an urban environment. The TR 68 will also help to build up the AV eco-system including start-ups and SMEs as well as testing, inspection, and certification service providers”.

Following the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)’s support for Desay SV’s decision to base itself in the territory, the move appears to be another gesture from the Singapore government indicating its keenness for the city-state to become a hub for AV tech development.

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