Siemens Gets Certification for Roadside Units

Siemens Gets Certification for Roadside Units

A connected vehicle sector association has granted its first ever certificate for dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) roadside units to Siemens Mobility’s Sitraffic ESCos.

The OmniAir Consortium’s OmniAir Certification program has a range of requirements roadside DSRC units must meet in order for them to be certified, and the Sitraffic ESCos has satisfied these criteria, which are based on the US Department of Transportation (DoT)’s stipulations for roadside units. Product testing company Bureau Veritas provided one of its laboratories for the testing of the Sitraffic units.

OmniAir Consortium executive director Jason Conley said: “For a strong connected vehicle ecosystem to exist, it’s important that both roadside units and onboard units go through the same certification process … having certified roadside units available for connected vehicle programs helps deploying agencies make better purchasing decisions for these major capital improvements”.

Siemens Mobility intelligent traffic systems CEO Marcus Welz added: “The OmniAir Certification program for connected vehicles technology applies the highest standards to measure compliance and quality and, importantly, ensure interoperability among products and services. We are proud that our Sitraffic ESCoS roadside unit is the first of its kind to be ‘OmniAir certified'”.

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