Setting up and Running Successful Manufacturing Operations in India


Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Ramesh S Visvanathan.  Mr. Visvanathan, with 30+ years of diverse corporate and business solutions driven experience, and has been pivotal in resolving complex issues in national and global organizations.  He is Founder and Managing Director of Inai, Inc., a Canada-based boutique strategic consulting practice, serving companies in the US, Mexico, Canada, Europe and India. Prior to this, he was Global Organizational Transformation Director at Nemak, and was Managing Director for the company’s India operations, setting up the most successful green field operations for Nemak within their global footprint.

In the 22-minute audio interview, Mr. Visvanathan discusses these questions:

  • What should one consider first before starting a plant in India?
  • India is a large country, so how do you select the best location for your company?
  • What are you likely to expect during the pre-project and project phases?
  • Can you provide some insights into getting ready for production & building the team?
  • Regarding successful manufacturing in India, how do you get there?
  • What are the keys to managing the people and getting the best out of them?
  • Can you provide your final thoughts?

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