Scania Showcases Driverless BEV

Swedish truck maker Scania is flexing its autonomous muscles by showcasing its own BEV self-driving urban concept vehicle, the NXT.

It claims a multi-tasking capability to shift from ferrying commuters to and from work in mornings and evenings, delivering goods during the day and collecting refuse at night. This shape-shifter develops Scania’s existing modular platform beyond is current limitations. In NXT, the front and rear drive modules can be fitted to a bus body, a distribution truck body or a refuse collector.

The 26ft-long bus module is built as one composite unit to reduce weight and its cylindrical cell batteries are placed under the floor. With the low vehicle weight of less than eight tons, the range with present-day batteries is estimated at 152 miles. The bus module is being displayed at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm, June 10-12.

The automaker believes that to achieve change in transport systems, vehicles need to cater for the 24/7 flow of people and goods in cities but will also need the infrastructure and regulatory provisions in place to handle the requirements of driverless BEVs working in urban environments night and day.

Scania’s president and CEO Henrik Henriksson, said: “Several of these technologies have yet to fully mature but for us it’s been important to actually build a concept vehicle to visibly and technically demonstrate ideas of what is within reach. We at Scania can’t redraw the entire transport system for cities. What we can do is inspire change and that is the idea behind NXT – to think about transport and vehicles in a different and sustainable way.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_


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