Savi tracks Dow Chemical’s hazmat rail shipments

Savi tracks Dow Chemical’s hazmat rail shipments

The Dow Railcar Shipment Visibility solution incorporates GPS, satellite communication systems and sensors affixed to tank cars, enabling Dow to "ping" on demand or receive automated alerts of possible security breaches, unsafe temperatures and high impacts to tank cars.

Geo-fencing capabilities that leverage satellite images enable identification of the nearest first responder in the case of an emergency or security threat.

The integrated solution encompasses a number of components:

  • A variety of sensors can be affixed to the railcars to detect unauthorised opening of the dome, unsafe temperatures inside the tanks, impacts and chemical odours.
  • GPS devices placed on the tank cars communicate the sensor data and their location to satellite or cellular communication systems.
  • All wireless data is transmitted to the Savi SmartChain® Asset Management application – software that transforms the data into useful information to better manage the operations and security of the rail tank cars.

David Kepler, executive vice president, chief sustainability officer & chief information officer of The Dow Chemical Co, believes that the chemical industry should set the highest standards with advanced technology solutions such as this to address concerns and ensure safe transit of chemicals.

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