Savi launches hybrid GlobalTag

Savi launches hybrid GlobalTag

Savi's hybrid ST-694 GlobalTag provides defence, public sector and commercial customers with continuous monitoring and precise location information of supply chain assets almost anytime, anywhere, including areas where there is no terrestrial reader infrastructure.

Savi has also announced the availability of two other innovations – a new active RFID Real Time Locating System and updated SmartChain® 6.0 Adaptive Application software suite.

The GlobalTag tracking technology, which has been co-developed, tested and trialled with Numerex, is now available in select quantities for pilot field operations.

Savi GlobalTag provides a new cost-effective solution to a market demanding new capabilities for continuous in-transit visibility of shipments and mobile supply chain assets.

The solution leverages Numerex's strength as a provider of full-service, highly secure M2M network services and solutions and Savi's capabilities in providing a full range of integrated Automatic Identification & Data Collection technologies for supply chain visibility, management and security.

Plans call for Savi GlobalTag to become generally available as a DASH7 technology later this year, supporting the ISO 18000-7 standard for active RFID, which will help promote interoperability with compatible networks and devices.

Savi has provided the active RFID products for the US Department of Defence's In-Transit Visibility network – the world's largest RFID network that tracks about 35,000 conveyances daily across more than 4,000 locations and forty countries.

Numerex's satellite products support fire-fighting, hurricane relief operations and other situations that benefit from an immediate highest ground perspective. Using satellite technologies, Numerex delivers tracking solutions tailored to various industries from cargo tracking to defence logistics.

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