Sat nav tops “most wanted gifts” list

Sat nav tops “most wanted gifts” list

40% of AA members surveyed already have sat nav, and 54% of these believe it to be the best device they have ever had in their car.

The survey of 7,380 drivers, which was conducted in November 2008, revealed:

  • 61% of respondents agree that their sat nav had stopped them getting lost countless times. Only 10% disagree
  • 44% use it very frequently
  • Almost half (49%) are worried that it might get stolen
  • Only 4% strongly agree they are worried it might take them to somewhere they do not want to go. Almost half (47%) disagree that they are worried. However, 30% of respondents say that their sat nav has taken them to a place that they did not want to go. 44% disagree
  • Around 75% of respondent who have sat nav still carry a road atlas
  • 22% of respondents agree that their sat nav sometimes distracts them when they are driving. Almost half (45%) disagree
  • 38% of respondents with a sat nav would prefer a female voice to a male voice. 44% don't mind either way
  • Men were much more likely to own sat nav than women, with almost half (47%) owning one compared to less than 30% of women
  • The age group most likely to own a sat nav is 18-24 year olds (43%)
  • The age group least likely to own one is 25 to 34 year olds (38%)

Regional stats:

  • Drivers in Yorkshire and Humberside and the NW were most likely to have a sat nav (46%) and those in Scotland least likely (30%)
  • Drivers in the West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humberside were most worried that their sat navs would be stolen (55%) and those in the Scotland least worried (39%)
  • Drivers in East Anglia most favoured a female voice giving directions (45%) and those in the South West least favoured this (32%)
  • Drivers in Northern Ireland were least likely to say that sat nav had prevented them getting lost countless times (50%) and those in London Wales and East Anglia most likely (64%)

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