Sat nav gets up close and personal


MyDrive enables sat navs or other navigation devices to learn the way each individual drives on different types of roads.

By taking driving behaviour into account, MyDrive dramatically improves the accuracy of estimated journey times, and also uses that information to provide personalised routes that best suit that driver's style.

Designed to operate globally and on the widest range of technology, MyDrive is compatible with all the routing engines and navigation solutions currently in use.

It is available to application developers, device manufacturers, technology partners and third party software developers for logistics companies.

Journey Dynamics CEO John Holland comments: "The current generation of sat nav devices will always be inherently inaccurate due to the very marked difference in vehicle performance and, more significantly, driver behaviour."

He added that MyDrive addresses these issues, and since users invest time in developing their MyDrive ‘personality', they are likely to remain loyal to their particular supplier's devices and products.

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