Samsung to Develop AV Test Zone Infrastructure

Samsung to Develop AV Test Zone Infrastructure

Samsung is partnering with a transport organization to develop the infrastructure for K-City, South Korea’s autonomous vehicle technology testing zone.

The tech giant is joining forces with the Korea Transportation Safety Authority (KOTSA) to develop the 4G, 5G, long-term evolution (LTE), and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) network infrastructure that should allow connected vehicle technologies to be tested on AVs at the zone. KOTSA director Byung Yoon Kwon claimed the ability to test different connectivity systems at the same site would “provide real-world experiences of autonomous driving for people and businesses across the industry … [and] ultimately enable [us] to accelerate the availability of autonomous driving”.

Samsung head of global technology services Jaeho Jeon said his company’s “commitment to collaborative innovation in this area is stronger than ever”. K-City comprises five simulated urban and rural driving environments in which AVs will be tested. Samsung boasted the network infrastructure it would provide to it would “guarantee minimal latency and information security”.

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