Rovi: “The car is becoming a true connected device”

Rovi: “The car is becoming a true connected device”

What does your company do?
Rovi Corporation provides technologies and solutions that enable consumers to discover and enjoy digital entertainment in a variety of environments, including the car.  Rovi automotive solution is designed to help automotive manufacturers and automotive OEMs create devices that can connect to other devices on the home network, acquire content, and identify and describe digital media—from audio and video files, to CDs, tracks, DVDs and Blu-ray® disc content—regardless of where they are stored. 

How do you differentiate your offerings from your competitors?
Rovi automotive solution includes advanced recognition tools, standards-based connectivity software and extensive entertainment metadata that can be seamlessly integrated into automotive head units, enabling consumers to more easily discover, manage and enjoy their digital media on the go. While others have a singular solution for the market, Rovi offers a broad solution that simplifies the engineering process for automotive manufacturers while meeting consumer demand for compatibility with home and mobile networks.

What partnerships are you currently forging?
Rovi has continued to work close with a number of different silicon vendors and software providers targeted at the automotive market. Earlier this year, we announced that DENSO Corporation, one of Japan’s biggest automotive audio system OEMs and one of the world’s leading suppliers of automotive audio systems, has selected Rovi automotive solution for DENSO’s car infotainment systems for major automobile manufacturers. 

Which trends will impact the industry the most in the coming years and why?
Consumers are expecting the same level of features and functionality in their cars as they do with their home and mobile devices. Ease of use and the ability to experience entertainment media on multiple devices seamlessly will by key for consumers. These trends will impact the industry and are driving technology advancements in connectivity, cloud storage and voice recognition. Connected devices in the living room continue to surge, and consumers want to take this same experience in the car. The car is becoming a true connected device. Rovi has technological solutions that are designed to help extend the home entertainment experience into the car, including rich media, personalization and recommendation technologies. 

Which gadgets/gizmos/cars are on your current wish list?
Anything that makes it easier for me to be able to play my music in the car without working overtime to hook up cables, waiting to sync content or unnecessary loading steps. I’m lost without my turn-by-turn GPS with Lane Assist, and I will pay anything for devices or applications that will help keep my son happy (quiet) in the backseat on long summer vacation drives.

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