Rinspeed to Unveil Micro Snap-Together car at CES 2019

Swiss auto specialist Rinspeed will unveil a compact version of its click-together EV that allows quick changes of body-shells for last-mile mobility solutions at next year’s CES in Las Vegas.

Following on from the Snap revealed at CES 2018, the company will demonstrate its microSnap which it says is as small the Renault Twizy city runabout. It claims the days of large delivery vehicles in urban environments are numbered thanks to the boom in online shopping.

Company boss Frank M. Rinderknecht believes small autonomous vehicles will swarm out and deliver their goods to customers ‘just in time’ and without detours. He also envisions two-seater “robo units,” which quickly transport their passengers in comfort to their destination taking the shortest route. Rinderknecht said: “Customers increasingly want prompt deliveries and many passengers are unwilling to use shared taxis, which have to take time-consuming detours by design.”

Both Snap and microSnap work on the same principle that while the car bodies last as long the vehicle itself, the chassis contains all components that are subject to wear and aging such as the computer technology for autonomous driving. With this technology chassis or ‘skateboards’ are recycled after a few years because they will have reached the end of their service life, while bodies, or ‘pods’ go on for a lot longer avoiding an expensive and complicated hardware update.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_


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