Rimac’s Second BEV Hypercar on Course for 2020 Launch

Rimac’s C_Two electric hypercar is on schedule to be available in late 2020, with the car’s official launch expected to be at next year’s Geneva Motor Show.

As part of its testing program, Rimac is currently putting the car through its paces at Nardò Technical Center, the circular, banked 7.5 mile ring in Southern Italy, which is owned by Porsche, itself an investor in the Croatian company.

The car, which is powered by four electric motors generating 1888bhp and 1696ft-lbs of torque, is on course to rival the Lotus Evija and Aspark Owl as one of the most powerful road cars in the world. Rimac claims the car will accelerate from 0-60mph in just 1.85 seconds, 0.16 seconds slower than the Owl, and can top 186mph just under 12 seconds.

Range wise, on the WLTP test cycle, the hypercar boasts 341 miles from a 120kWh battery. Rimac claims it will be able to lap the Nürburgring-Nordschleife twice at full tilt twice before running out of power, with “exceptional thermal management” providing the necessary juice to achieve this. Other vehicles, such as VW’s bespoke ID.R BEV, have been able to do only one lap before needing to be recharged.

The car will be limited to 150 units, more than Lotus or Aspark are producing of their respective hypercars. No price has been officially announced but expect it to be eye-wateringly expensive, in line with other niche electric hypercars!

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