Renault Targets Lifetime Software Updating for Future Vehicles

Renault is hoping to offer lifetime software updating for its next generation software defined vehicles (SDVs) following its latest partnership with electronics specialist Valeo.

The partners are hoping SDV architecture will enable vehicles to keep up to date throughout their life cycle and capable of integrating new functionalities without hardware modifications. As part of the partnership, Valeo will supply key electrical and electronic components, including the on-board high-performance computer (HPC). Its engineers will work close to Renault’s sites in Guyancourt, Toulouse and Sophia-Antipolis and will also work with the Renault Software Factory teams on software development. Valeo will also provide on-board application software, such as parking assistance.

This partnership expects to reduce development times and costs for the electrical and electronic architecture while focusing on high performance, compatibility and safety. In addition to the agreements signed with Google for the OS, the Cloud and the Digital Twin and with Qualcomm for the Digital Chassis and the System-on-Chip, this collaboration with Valeo is hoped to help Renault strengthen its control of the SDV value chain.

François Provost, Renault Group chief purchasing, partnerships and public affairs officer, said: “The arrival of Valeo in our tech ecosystem is an important step towards the co-construction of our software defined vehicle. This new partnership brings together the skills, expertise and innovation of our two French companies to offer vehicles that are technologically advanced and competitive in terms of cost and development time.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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