Renault Takes Infotainment towards the Mass-Market Vehicle Segment

Renault Takes Infotainment towards the Mass-Market Vehicle Segment

Launched late last year, R-Link is Europe’s first major IVI system based on Android. Being tablet-like in function and appearance, it is also an example of consumer electronics shaping the in-vehicle connected experience. Emmanuel Bonbon, general manager for ADAS, telematics and multimedia, Renault spoke to Telematics Update about some of the many cost and user experience considerations that went into designing R-Link, bringing to light how important the Human Machine Interface has become for the connected car market.

Bonbon shared his thoughts on the success of R-Link. “When we embarked on this project, we said we must have the best at the lowest price. It means to have an open and flexible software architecture that we can afford – Android, in our case – and hardware that is tried and tested. Having the latest technology does not always mean that it’s the best technology for the job at hand”

“When you see people using the R-Link system, they are saying, ‘Wow, it‘s great!’ They don’t pay attention to the underlying technology. To them, it’s not a question of 2G or 3G. It’s, ‘Hey, I have 50 apps to choose from.”

However, not all automakers, hardware and software providers have developed a best practice for creating a seamless in-vehicle user experience. Telematics Update has recently launched The Automotive HMI Report 2013(105 pages) to provide a guide for those looking for a market overview, or use HMI to differentiate their brand from competitors. Topics include:

·         Auto HMI Market Overview: Understand the latest advancements in HMI design introduced by market leaders such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Ford and GM to help you assess the competitive landscape and identify opportunities for innovation

·         Exclusive Industry B2B Survey Results: Survey of 100+ experts reveal the key input and output technologies such as multi-touch HMI concepts from Visteon, QNX and Tesla, to re-define your route into the auto HMI market

·         Analysis of Consumer Lifestyle Trends: Find out how consumer lifestyle trends such as familiarity with mobile devices and increased personalization will influence HMI design to make sure your solution is aligned with consumer preferences

·         The Role of Software: Learn how software will impact HMI design, including the battle for platform commonality, the potential role of HTML 5 and the pros & cons of OEM in-house HMI layer development in order to assess the business opportunity for software developers

·         Key Factors in HMI Design: Pin point important aspects like the user experience, regional design requirements and driver distraction affecting HMI design to enhance the driving experience and remain compliant on a global scale      

There is a complimentary report extract available to download via the website:

The complete report is now available to purchase and there is a $1,000 discount available on full report price until Friday 12th July.

For further details on the report, or other Telematics Update business intelligence products, contact the Telematics Update at or +442073757585.


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