Renault Launches Latest PHEV Tech in Mégane

Renault showcases its latest PHEV powertrain in the face-lifted Mégane station wagen that will come to European markets in July.

Its E-Tech plug-in system boasts a total power output of 158bhp and features what the automaker describes as a

The core-market plug-in hybrid technology a unique energy-recovery technology that draws directly on its Formula One racing expertise. As such it is protected by 150 patents and uses components designed in association with its Alliance partners, Nissan and Mitsubishi. The car employs a four-cylinder 1.6-liter petrol gasoline engine married to two electric motors and a multi-mode clutch-less gearbox.

The design shares F1 derived energy recovery during deceleration and braking to boost battery charging outside charging cycles to improve energy efficiency. Its system is paired with a braking developed by Renault’s EV engineers.

The new car claims a full electric-only capability of 30 miles in mixed cycle (WLTP) and 40 miles in urban cycle (WLTP City) and is designed to always start in electric mode to lower fuel consumption even when the battery is not charged. In the mixed cycle, the Mégane E-Tech claims to emit less than 40g/km of CO2 (WLTP figure pending final approval).

Other powertrain options for the new model include a 1.3-liter TCe FAP gasoline engine claiming 138bhp with particulate filtered exhaust and the choice between six-speed manual transmission and dual-clutch seven-speed EDC automatic transmission. There’s also a 1.5-liter Blue dCi diesel engine offering 112bhp adapted to new anti-pollution standards, including selective catalytic reduction (SCR) available with a six-speed manual transmission or a dual-clutch seven-speed automatic transmission for high-mileage drivers.

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