Renault EZ-FLEX Last Mile Experiment

Renault has released an experimental BEV it claims could be a solution for both sustainable mobility and urban efficiency.

The EZ-FLEX is primarily targeted at ‘last-mile delivery’ and so is aimed at couriers and delivery companies who need sustainable efficiency. The vehicle claims a range of nearly 100 miles and offers wide access to the driver’s seat, a high visibility dashboard and simple-to-use controls requiring minimal user training.

Renault says on an average day, an urban delivery vehicle can cover up to 30 miles, meaning the EZ-FLEX will be more than equipped for a typical day’s work. Additionally, with a small turning circle of 14.76-feet means it can maneuver in city centers easily. Finally, despite being only 12.46-feet long, and 5.41-feet wide, the rear of the vehicle can hold three square meters worth of goods, thanks to the compact cockpit.

Renault will be supplying this vehicle to a dozen delivery professionals, companies, and cities across Europe, with the experimental phase of the program lasting two years. The automaker hopes data collected from the users will allow it to improve future urban mobility vehicles and logistics vehicles designed for use in cities.

The Renault EZ-FLEX will be on show at the VIVA Technology fair, held at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, on May 16-18 2019.

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