RedPrairie and SOTI provide enterprise-wide mobile device management

RedPrairie and SOTI provide enterprise-wide mobile device management

The partnership means that RedPrairie customers will now be able to track and configure RF devices from a single source, allowing for even stronger reliability over large deployment networks.

According to Gary Morgan, RedPrairie's vice president of technology services, implementing a solution like MobiControl means the user shouldn't have to worry about lost, misplaced or stolen equipment.

The system allows for rapid reconfiguration of a device's firmware, security or network settings, and scanner symbologies after incidents such as a repair when those preferences are lost.

And MobiControl's ‘zero-touch' deployment of device settings, including software preferences, upgrades/downgrades and network adjustments, can save IT executives months of work and companies thousands of dollars.

RedPrairie customers will also be able to leverage the solution's help desk tools and advanced security features such as lockdown/kiosk modes and remote wipe capabilities to ensure proper and complete hardware performance.

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