Record PND sales in Europe

Record PND sales in Europe

Germany led the way as the most important market in Europe, with 4,375 million PNDs sold – up 22% over 2007.

Sales in Eastern Europe increased to 1.5 million, compared with 16.6 million in Western Europe (up from 14.5 million the previous year) – a growth rate of 15%.

On the world market, estimated at 40 million units in 2008, the European market accounts for approximately 45%, just ahead of America (41%) and far ahead of the Asia-Pacific region (13%).

While the economic crisis took its toll on the market in the fourth quarter, with sales down 4% over the prior year period, the industry defied falling prices through a variety of innovations.

Manufacturers invested heavily in technical features such as new attractive graphics for 3D buildings and landscapes, as well as complex solutions to take into account the time of day and the most up-to-date travel conditions for route calculation

Devices with maps for the whole of Europe were in trend: 57% of the total demand, compared with 47% in 2007.

PNDs with larger displays in 16:9 format were also in more demand: 45% in 2008; 31% in 2007, as well as devices that speak street names: 13% in 2008; 3% in 2007.

Such innovations could not completely halt the considerable price erosions, which were already down 27% in the prior year. While price levels largely remained stable during the first three quarters of 2008, with an average of €200, this dropped to €170 in Q4 due to an increase in retail promotions.

The price span between the markets with the lowest average price revenue (UK: €164; Portugal and Spain: €177) and those countries in which consumers dug deepest into their pockets for a PND (Belgium: €239, Czech Republic: €278 and Slovakia: €282) was vast. Germany took a mid-field position with an average price of €198.

For 2009, GfK market experts predict a further increase in demand for PNDs, with sales expected to reach almost 19 million units in Europe and around 46 million devices worldwide.

GfK Retail & Technology now continuously tracks PND market developments in 22 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, CzechRepublic, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey und Hungary. Outside of Europe GfK tracks sales in Australia, Brazil, Israel, New Zealand, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and South Africa.

In 2009, the following countries will be included: Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand and Indonesia.

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