Real-time asset data critical for fleet management, says GE

Real-time asset data critical for fleet management, says GE

More than half (56%) of the survey respondents said that the ability to track metrics, such as miles driven and fuel consumption, are key to their operations.

In addition, productivity metrics, which include tracking travel time and the number of jobs or deliveries per day, are seen as helpful for managing fleets by 26% of the respondents.

When asked to name their number one concern, responses were mixed: meeting cost-cutting goals (28%), ensuring high workforce productivity (28%) and volatile fuel prices (26%).

When considering the area in which their service providers supply the most value, fleet managers cited improving overall efficiencies (40%) and providing cost savings (36%).

Finally, the progressive movement towards going green and reducing environmental impact is currently a leading program among fleet managers, with almost 75% of respondents saying that their strategy currently includes a green initiative.

"In the midst of the downturn, fleet managers understand they have an opportunity to support overall business objectives by being mindful of cost while continuing to think strategically about the operation of their fleets," said Clarence Nunn, CEO of GE Capital Fleet Services, adding that in-depth data and analyses helps them to make smarter business decisions and maximise their return on fleet investment.

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