Qualcomm Joining with Tech Companies on Positioning System

Qualcomm Joining with Tech Companies on Positioning System

Qualcomm Technologies has announced it is joining forces with two technology companies to launch a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) for Chinese vehicles.

The company’s partners for the venture are Chinese positioning software specialist Qianxun Spatial Intelligence and cellular technology provider Quectel Wireless Solutions. They claim it offers “comprehensive high-precision positioning”. The new GNSS is effectively an updated version of Qualcomm Technologies’ positioning framework that supports single-frequency GNSS. To do this, it uses technology based on GNSS receivers built into Qualcomm’s LTE modems and Qianxun’s positioning products. This new GNSS will be built into an LTE module provided by Quectel.

The companies claim this framework will provide automakers with a “3D navigation solution” that will combine the GNSS with inertial measurement units and other automotive sensors, thus enabling them to equip their cars with long-term evolution vehicle-to-everything (LTE-V2X) communications. Qualcomm says its positioning framework is designed to allow “open-sky positioning performance from up to three meters to less than one meter, supporting lane-level positioning and potentially achieving accurate locations from a centimeter to a few decimeters when combined with select third-party GNSS correction services”.

Commenting on the move, Qualcomm Technologies vice-president of product management Nakul Daggal claimed the three companies’ combined product resources would be able to “provide customers with cost-effective precise positioning solutions”.

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