PSA Targets Premium BEV Market with New Platform

PSA is focused on expanding its BEV offering in the premium C and D segment with the launch of its new all-electric car platform.

The platform, planned for vehicle expected to arrive at dealerships from 2023, is dubbed eVMP, standing for “electric vehicle modular platform”. This will be used to create upcoming sedan and SUV vehicles in different global markets.

It says eVMP is a distillation of the group’s engineering know-how with 60 to 100 kWh of embedded energy and an architecture that exploits the entire sub-floor for the battery. By restoring 50 kWh per meter within the wheelbase, it claims to be a benchmark in the BEV market and targets an all-electric range from 250 miles to more than 400 miles on the WLTP cycle depending on the body. Hybrid derivatives may also be offered on certain markets.

The platform claims to benefit from both research and development efficiencies as well as cutting production costs. PSA says this is achieved through the use of certain sub-assemblies and existing high-performance battery modules. In addition, the industrial process has been assessed to obtain maximum synergies with existing production processes at its plants.

Nicolas Morel, research and development director at PSA, said: “This global platform will make it possible to offer a range of vehicles that are perfectly respectful of the environment, meeting the changing expectations of our customers and guaranteeing driving pleasure and safety on board, values that are the basis of the group’s reputation today.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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