Protecting Connected Cars’ Over-the-Air Software Updates

Over-the-air updates of software in cars will be necessary to keep the vehicle software up-to-date and to rapidly identify and address vulnerabilities, writes John Tuttle.

However, unfortunately OTA updates can themselves be compromised to hack a vehicle. Between news surrounding data privacy, company data breaches and evolving regulations such as CCPA and GDPR, security is a hot topic in just about every industry.

And right now, “Zoombombing” is giving work-from-home videoconference attendees reason to feel uneasy. Security impacts every aspect of our lives, including the vehicles we drive.

Yet, drivers generally aren’t aware of automotive security issues. This is probably because drivers don’t understand how dependent their vehicle is on software or how much data their vehicle is collecting and are blind to the possibility that it could be hacked to compromise its safety.

Therefore, it’s imperative that auto manufacturers and suppliers have high standards when it comes to ensuring vehicle security on behalf of consumers. To read more on this story see WardsAuto.

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